IndiaBottles of water less than 200 ml are banned in Bahrain

Bottles of water less than 200 ml are banned in Bahrain


  • Production, import and distribution of water bottles were banned
  • Small water bottles can be produced for export
  • The law came into force after 6 months

Manama: Bahrain has banned plastic water bottles below 200 milliliters. This was announced by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Zayed bin Rashid Al Sayyani. He said Bahrain had banned the production, import and distribution of bottles of less than 200 ml water bottles.

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At the same time, he said, the production of small water bottles for export would not fall within the scope of the ban. The order was published in the official gazette by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. The law will come into force only six months after the date of notification in the Gazette. The Under-Secretary of the Ministry is responsible for ensuring that the order is implemented. The aim is to minimize the use of plastic bottles.

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