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Border guards harshly stopped the attempt of migrants to break through to Poland

Polish border guards used explosives and tear gas against migrants, the State Border Committee of Belarus said.

According to the department, on the night of November 23, a group of refugees, while trying to force them out by the Polish security forces, refused to go to Belarus and remained near the Polish fence, continuing to seek asylum in Poland.

“In order to disperse the refugees, the Polish servicemen used explosives, which they threw across the border line into the territory of Belarus, and tear gas,” reads the statement of the Civil Procedure Code.

The Belarusian border department believes that such actions are aimed at provoking an aggressive response from the refugees and creating the preconditions for another provocation at the border.

“This is not the first time Poland has used special equipment at the border against unarmed people. The use by the Polish side of explosion packets, flash-noise grenades, water cannons and gas violates international law and is a direct aggression against vulnerable groups of refugees, ”added to the Code of Civil Procedure of Belarus.

About 2 thousand illegal migrants accommodated in the Bruzgi transport and logistics center near the Belarusian-Polish border are still awaiting access to the EU countries.

Living conditions in the TLC are becoming more difficult every day due to the growing humanitarian needs.

At the same time, measures are being taken at the logistics center to improve the living conditions of refugees.

The installation of a field bath has begun near the temporary accommodation center for refugees in the transport and logistics complex.

Representatives of the Red Cross of Belarus handed out bath accessories to migrants.

On Tuesday, November 23, representatives of the European Commission visited the logistics center where the migrants were housed.

The migration crisis on the border of Belarus and Poland has been going on since November 8.

Thousands of migrants have accumulated at the Bruzgi checkpoint in the Belarusian city of Grodno, trying to get to Europe through the territory of Poland. Most of them ended up in Belarus after receiving visas in Iraq.

About two thousand migrants remain at the Polish border, including a significant number of women and children.

Two weeks after the aggravation of the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border, the refugees left the spontaneous camp in the forest and moved to an indoor transport and logistics center provided by the Belarusian authorities.

Despite the cold, the refugees refuse to leave the border zone, still hoping to get to Europe.

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