India'Body' hanging from Taliban helicopter; What is the truth behind this...

‘Body’ hanging from Taliban helicopter; What is the truth behind this scene?


  • Seen in the video is a US helicopter
  • Criticism of Joe Biden
  • What is the truth?

Scenes of a human body hanging from a Blackhawk helicopter abandoned by the U.S. military have gone viral on social media. The video went viral worldwide after a US senator shared a video of it and leveled harsh accusations against President Joe Biden. It is alleged that the US has abandoned billions of rupees worth of sophisticated weapons in Afghanistan and that these weapons are being misused by the Taliban. The main allegation is that after killing someone, the body is hung up and flown in a helicopter. But what is the reality of this? Let’s check.

Source of the video

The Hindustan Times reports that the video first appeared on the Twitter handle of the Taliban-led Taliban. But it is not clear what the video was shot for. But the video went viral shortly after the U.S. military left Kabul on August 31. U.S. journalist Liz Wheeler, who shared the video, was harshly critical of Joe Biden.

It is a generally accepted fact that trained pilots do not belong to the Taliban. But military experts say the video shows a US Blackhawk helicopter.

What is the truth?

It is difficult to ascertain the authenticity of the video as it was not first seen in credible media. But Bilal Sarwari, a journalist working in Afghanistan, said that hanging from a helicopter was a living human being, not a corpse.

“I have known for years the Afghan pilot who flies this helicopter. He has trained in the US and the UAE. It has been confirmed to me that he flew a Blackhawk helicopter. The Taliban fighter seen in this video is hoisting a Taliban flag in the air. He tweeted, sharing a video of Liz Wheeler.

The Awaska news agency also confirmed that the same helicopter was spotted above the governor’s office in Kandauhar. According to the report, the Taliban activist holding the Taliban flag was hanging on a rope and not dead. These reports could not be directly confirmed.

Meanwhile, US Senator Ted Cruz deleted the old tweet following these reports. He tweeted that the news could not be confirmed and therefore the video was deleted.

A Reuters fact check also confirms that the body was not found hanging from a helicopter. “Reuters has not been able to trace the source of the video, but a closer look reveals that the person in the video is alive.” The report says. He is hanging on a hook fastened to his body. In some close-up shots, he is seen waving to those below. The Indian media, including Alt News, confirms this. Some video screenshots also confirm that he was hanging on a hook attached to his shoulder.


It is not true that a corpse is hanging in a US-made Black Hawk helicopter. Close-ups and screenshots show a living person waving at a hook securely fastened to his shoulder.

The Pentagon has not confirmed whether the Taliban have seized helicopters that were part of the Afghan army. There are also reports confirming that pilots who are part of the Afghan army are working with the Taliban.

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