IndiaBJP throws net; Senior leaders do not quarrel; KPCC for...

BJP throws net; Senior leaders do not quarrel; KPCC for conciliatory move

The party leadership with conciliatory moves as the rift within the Congress state unit over the DCC list erupts. The KPCC policy is that senior leaders should not quarrel and move forward with conciliatory moves. It is noteworthy that the KPCC’s conciliatory moves came in the wake of the High Command warning that it would take stern action against those who violated party decisions and made public statements.

State component to explosion

The list, published as part of the DCC reorganization, sparked riots within Congress. The final list was drawn up after discussions with the new KPCC president K Sudhakaran and Leader of the Opposition VD Satheesan and meetings with the High Command. But it is alleged that not enough discussions were held and senior leaders were ignored. Earlier, it was alleged that the A and I groups were not given adequate representation. Following this, senior leaders Oommen Chandy and Ramesh Chennithala came out with a publicity stunt.

Oommen Chandy removed the calves

After the defeat in the Assembly elections, the High Command decided on the Leader of the Opposition and the KPCC President, ignoring the group equations altogether. The DCC list was a continuation of this. Although Oommen Chandy himself came out with a publicity stunt, many leaders in both the groups have already leaned towards the official side. He also issued a stern warning to high command leaders who were banned from responding to the ad. At the same time, group leaders fear that the same pattern will be repeated in the KPCC reorganization.

BJP opens the door

Many leaders, including PS Prashant and AV Gopinath, have already left the party over the DCC list. In Kerala, as in other states, the BJP is trying to lure leaders from parties including the Congress. Since then, senior leaders, including PC Chacko, have left the Congress and joined the NCP. The BJP leadership itself had welcomed Ramesh Chennithala to the BJP. The 27 state leaders of the Pravasi Returns Congress, a sub-organization, resigned and formed a new party yesterday. At a time when the party is facing a major crisis at the national level, there is an assessment within the Congress that the mass resignation of leaders will not benefit the party. The NCP and the Left are on the scene to welcome the falling leaders.

The reasons are many

Groups say organizational choice is the best way to resolve a dispute. There are reports that group leaders may meet with the High Command to report problems. The groups had also announced their non-cooperation with the KPCC. In this situation, the KPCC has decided to go ahead with discussions to avoid the leaders taking a tough decision. The KPCC has instructed the official party not to make public statements targeting groups and senior leaders. Moreover, the official party fears that the party leadership will regain control of the groups if an organizational election is held under the current circumstances. In addition, the KPCC is concerned that actions that ignore group leaders will backfire on the party at the local level. Compromise is the move in this situation.

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