IndiaBJP supports LDF no-confidence motion; The UDF lost control of the...

BJP supports LDF no-confidence motion; The UDF lost control of the Kottayam municipality


  • The LDF passed the no-confidence motion
  • UDF loses power in Kottayam municipality
  • The BJP also supported the no-confidence motion

Kottayam: The UDF lost control of the Kottayam municipality. The UDF lost power after the BJP supported the no-confidence motion brought by the LDF. The UDF has lost the municipality it had ruled for years. The no-confidence motion was supported by 29 people. Only 30 people voted. One vote invalid.

In the 52-member city council, the UDF and LDF have 22 members each. The BJP has eight members. All 22 Congress members abstained from the no-confidence motion. The LDF presented a no-confidence motion in the Kottayam Municipal Corporation alleging administrative stalemate.

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After the local body elections, the party ranks in the Kottayam municipality were UDF 21, LDF 22 and BJP 8. Bincy Sebastian, who later won a landslide victory over the Congress, joined the UDF, bringing the strength to 22. Following this, the UDF came to power through a lottery and Bincy became the chairperson.

UDF members abstained from considering the no-confidence motion. But the quorum was met as LDF BJP members were present. With this, the voting took place. With this, Kottayam became the second municipality to lose control of the UDF after the Erattupetta municipality in Kottayam.

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The no-confidence motion brought by the LDF in Erattupetta was passed with the support of the SDPI. The UDF had 14 members in the 28-member city council. And nine members of the LDF.

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Meanwhile, Opposition leader VD Satheesan came out with a scathing critique of the LDF. His criticism was that the CPM was collaborating with any devil to weaken the UDF. VD Satheesan had said that this is clear in the Kottayam and Erattupetta municipalities.

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