India'Bio Bubble Security'; Schools will reopen on November 1

‘Bio Bubble Security’; Schools will reopen on November 1


  • Security will be provided so that parents do not have to worry
  • A special mask will be prepared for children
  • Masks must be worn in schools

Thiruvananthapuram: Schools in the state will reopen on November 1. Education Minister V Sivankutty and Health Minister Veena George said bio-bubble security would be put in place to protect children from the spread of Covid. The ministers’ response came after a joint meeting of the two departments.

V Sivankutty said all arrangements have been made to open schools. Ministers responded that guidelines would be issued to open schools as soon as possible. The state aims to provide bio-bubble security to students. The health minister said arrangements would be made to scrutinize the situation until the children return to school and return home.

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Efforts are being made to bring children safely to school without any worries. Arrangements to be taken when transporting children to school in vehicles will be discussed and decided. All schools should take steps to restore the school health program and take precautions against the spread of the disease. Special masks will be prepared for children. Masks must be worn in schools.

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The decision regarding the shift of classes will be taken after discussions with the teachers’ unions. Classes are likely to be held until noon. Classes may be arranged on alternate days. The decision will be taken after discussions with the teachers’ unions.

Earlier, the CM had directed to make preparations for the commencement of all classes from November 15 and to make preparations fifteen days in advance.

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