EntertainmentBinh Minh: 'At home, I call my wife... eagle'

Binh Minh: ‘At home, I call my wife… eagle’

At the beginning of 2022, Binh Minh had a flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc island to attend a real estate event. This is the first time the male model has appeared as a businessman after announcing his temporary suspension of artistic activities. Binh Minh said he wants to devote all his energy, intelligence and money to focus on business.

Putting aside art, Binh Minh became a “cool” businessman with golf

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In early 2022, the male model had his first working day in Phu Quoc.


In 2008, Binh Minh married businessman Anh Tho. The two have two daughters, An Nhu and An Nhien. Through many ups and downs, the couple is still happy, maintaining their home for 13 years together. Sharing about his business wife, Binh Minh could not hide his pride because she is a talented, powerful and powerful woman. However, every time he saw Anh Tho’s gentleness, his father and son would… run away. Why? Please watch the video to listen to the specific sharing of Binh Minh.