WorldBillionaire is about to fly into space, his wife threatens to 'will...

Billionaire is about to fly into space, his wife threatens to ‘will not attend the funeral’ of her husband

This is Virgin Galactic’s fourth crewed mission, but the test flight will be the first to carry a full crew including billionaire founder Richard Branson, two pilots and three other experts. . The flight will take him to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, where he will experience a few minutes of weightlessness.
When asked about the reaction of his relatives when he learned that he would be on the flight, billionaire Branson said his children are very adventurous, and they clearly inherited that quality from him.

Crew will fly into space with British billionaire Richard Branson

Meanwhile, Mrs. Joan Templeman, whose wife Branson has been married to since 1989, is supportive but also has very realistic thoughts about her husband’s adventurous blood. “She’s the type of woman who will say, ‘If you’re crazy enough to do all these amazing things, you can do it, but I’m not going to your funeral,'” he joked.


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