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Bilal Erdogan: I hope Fuat Sezgin’s story is known more by our young people

prof. Dr. Bilal Erdoğan, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Fuat Sezgin Foundation for the History of Science in Science (İBTAV), participated in the opening program of the “2021-2022 Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin Science, Culture and Art Season” organized by the Sultangazi Municipality.

Reminding that 2019 was declared as the “Year of Fuat Sezgin” in Turkey, Erdoğan said that for this purpose, over a thousand events were held in Turkey and abroad under the coordination of IBTAV.

Emphasizing that these events were organized for the recognition of Fuat Sezgin and for the youth to be informed about his work, Bilal Erdoğan said:

“When Fuat Sezgin met the Most Merciful at the age of 94, he spent 70 years of his life between his home and the institute without knowing the concept of working hours. He was a person who devoted his life to his cause. Our ancestors, Muslims, were the pioneers of science in the world for 800-900 years and served its development. They first translated texts written in ancient Greece, they read them, and then they began to build on them. Not only in philosophy, but also in mathematics, trigonometry, geometry, astronomy, medicine, physics, chemistry and biology. In other words, they ruled a productive period in science. What happened next? After the printing press was found in the 18th century, the West began to print and disseminate the works produced by Muslim scientists until that day. Why is it important for us to know this story now? Fuat Sezgin, especially Muslims and young people, read this story He wanted her to know, because we have a very clear, clean recipe for what needs to be done. to? We will read very well the point of current sciences.”

Underlining the need for young people to master their own acquis, Erdoğan said, “We will know what our ancestors produced, wrote, painted, and drew until the 18th century. After that, we will put ourselves forward and come forward. Muslims will again be the pioneers in the development of science. Has this happened before? “Okay. This is how the West did it. This is how we did it. Since science is the common property of humanity, we can take it, get ahead, and regain our productive period. What is it? It would be 200-300 years in between. After that, Muslims are again in science and science.” He can become the pioneers of the world. Fuat Sezgin was trying to explain this business because he believed that young people would do this. He worked 17 hours a day throughout his 70-year life.” he said.

“I hope Fuat Sezgin’s story is known by more of our young people”

Pointing out that he cares about the recognition of Fuat Sezgin, Bilal Erdoğan continued as follows:

“Fuat Sezgin has made the bindings for approximately 10 thousand of his books in his own library. If a person has a purpose in his life, a cause, if he dedicates his life to something he believes in, then Allah will bless and increase what he can do. A person like Fuat Sezgin lived in our lifetime. We have seen and met such a person. So we may be like such people. If we work, make sacrifices, dedicate our lives to lofty goals. Why did Fuat Sezgin dedicate his life? And for that, they should work, strive and get ahead with a new self-confidence. This is possible. Can you think that the West has been ahead throughout history because Western civilization has been ahead for 200 years? Before that, there were Islamic civilizations, Ancient Greek, Egyptian and Chinese civilizations. This is such a continuous change, a process in transformation. I will be, who will rise? Why shouldn’t our civilization rise again? Could it be a futile effort to work for this cause?”

Expressing that the world needs this, Bilal Erdoğan said, “Each civilization enters a period of slowdown and collapse after a certain period of time. Western civilization is now at the beginning of that slowdown and maybe collapse. It is necessary to analyze this well. Let this be a bad thing. We don’t say that. This is the nature of the world. Now we can build the future of the world with the inspiration we get from our own civilization and our past. We can show these goals to our young people. Fuat Sezgin’s life was almost a sign of this. For him, I hope Fuat Sezgin’s story will be told more and more. It is known by many of our young people. It gives us self-confidence and sheds light on our future.” used the phrases.

“Fuat Sezgin was a scientist who was extremely devoted to his state and nation”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Chief Advisor, Ahmet Selim Köroğlu, stated that he had the opportunity to get to know Fuat Sezgin 10 years ago and said, “Despite his age, he has an incredible work pace, is extremely devoted to his state and nation, and has never cut off contact with his country despite being wronged in the past years. He was a very valuable scientist. Our mayor will take our young brothers to the museum in Gulhane Park. There is his tomb right across the museum in Gulhane Park. The burials were held there upon the instructions of our President. I would definitely ask my young brothers to visit his grave and read a Fatiha. ” said.

After the speeches, musician Yücel Arzen gave a concert where he sang his compositions for Necip Fazıl Kısakürek’s poems.

Later, Bilal Erdoğan and the accompanying delegation visited the photography exhibition organized by the Sultangazi Municipality.

Program, Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin Islamic Science History Research Foundation Chairman of the Board and Board of Trustees Mecit Çetinkaya, Mayor of Sultangazi Abdurrahman Dursun and many guests attended.

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