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Bihar News: The first hospital in the country where doctors are treating patients by looking at the horoscope, not the pulse, this news of Bihar will surprise you.

Bihar has become the only state in the country where doctors in a hospital are treating the patient not by looking at the pulse and test report, but by looking at the patient’s horoscope. This hospital has once again proved India to be the land of sages and spirituality. Surprisingly, the hospital is a government one.

Treatment of patients by seeing horoscope in Darbhanga
For the first time in the country, Government Ayurvedic College Darbhanga (GACD) on Sunday started its Out Patient Department (OPD) in Medical Astrology to provide relief to people suffering from various diseases through their Kundli.

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Know- how the disease is treated by horoscope
Dr Dineshwar Prasad, Principal, GACD said that ‘Medical Astrology is an ancient applied branch of astrology which is based on the relation of various body parts, diseases and medicines with the nature of Sun, Moon, planets and twelve zodiac signs. Herbs and other medicines are chosen for the treatment considering their astrological properties. In this system, sick people are advised the way of treatment with the help of their horoscope or palmistry.’
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This ancient method was shrouded in the darkness of oblivion
Dr Prasad further told that this science was very popular in ancient times but with time it sunk into oblivion. But, now it is in use again and GACD is the first hospital in the country which has introduced medical astrology along with Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy.
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You will be surprised to know the formula of treatment with horoscope
According to Dr. Dineshwar Prasad, the principles of ‘Dinacharya’, ‘Ritucharya’ and ‘Panchkarma’, the essential components of Ayurveda, are all based on medical astrology. OPD in-charge Dr Dinesh Kumar informed that a proposal has been sent to Aryabhatta Knowledge University to start full course in Medical Astrology for approval. Inaugurating the Medical Astrology OPD, MLC Arjun Sahni said that the people of Mithila region would be greatly benefited by this center. A garden of medicinal plants based on zodiac signs was also opened on the occasion.