IndiaBihar Byelection 2021: Tejashwi Yadav, terrified of Kanhaiya's arrival, that is why...

Bihar Byelection 2021: Tejashwi Yadav, terrified of Kanhaiya’s arrival, that is why he told the Congress ‘status’ in the by-election!


  • Tejashwi Yadav nervous about Kanhaiya’s arrival?
  • That’s why the Congress was told ‘aukaat’ in the by-election!
  • Has Kanhaiya become a challenge for Tejashwi as a youth leader?
  • Is Congress preparing to redeem Kanhaiya like this?

After all, how did Tejashwi Yadav declare the RJD candidate in the Bihar by-election without the consent of the Congress. The Congress is the only major ally left with him in Bihar, except in the Grand Alliance. The path of the rest of the Left parties, however, remains a bit different. In such a situation, is this decision of Tejashwi a part of the politics of keeping Kanhaiya’s stature small?

Tejashwi is scared of Kanhaiya!
Talking about the seedlings of young leaders in Bihar, after Kanhaiya was sidelined in the CPI, the axis of politics was rotating between Chirag and Tejashwi. But Chirag is still busy with uncle Paras on both family and political battles. In such a situation, it was easy for Tejashwi to play on the front foot, because even after the rebellion of brother Tej Pratap, he has the support of Lalu. But suddenly the Congress made this axis triangular by including Kanhaiya in its side.
Bihar News : Kanhaiya’s hand with Rahul Baba, how much good will he be able to do for Congress in Bihar?According to sources, it is certain that Congress will make Kanhaiya’s entry in Bihar vigorously. In such a situation, the Bihar by-election is the most favorable time to show his kingship in front of Tejashwi. Perhaps that is why Tejashwi declared his candidates for both the seats of the Bihar Assembly by-elections without the consent of the Congress.

Is Tejashwi Kanhaiya accepting the challenge?
Is Tejashwi considering Kanhaiya a challenge? This question is also reinforced by an old statement of VIP Chief Mukesh Sahni, a former ally of the Grand Alliance and currently part of the NDA government in Bihar. When Sahni broke ties with the Grand Alliance in the Bihar Assembly Elections 2020, he had openly alleged that Tejashwi did not want to see anyone moving forward as a youth leader. In such a situation, Congress will also leave no stone unturned in giving another option to Tejashwi in the name of Kanhaiya.

Is Kanhaiya becoming the president of Bihar Congress? The party spokesperson turned red after hearing the question.

What can be the bet of Congress?
According to sources, instead of making Kanhaiya the president of Bihar Pradesh Congress, Kanhaiya will be made the face of the party. The churning is also going on that if the Congress declares its separate candidates in both the seats, then Kanhaiya will be put in the campaign and his party will get a big boost in the same way.

If this happens, then Kanhaiya will stand directly in front of Tejashwi. Congress is anyway a big brand in national politics with BJP (brand means second big national party). In such a situation, Kanhaiya will not only get the benefit, Congress will also hit two targets with one arrow. Well, this is politics and anything is possible here.