IndiaBig disclosure in Rohini court gang war case Tillu was giving live...

Big disclosure in Rohini court gang war case Tillu was giving live instruction to the attackers while sitting in jail


  • Gangster Tillu Tajpuria in contact with the attackers during the shootout
  • Gogi’s life was lost in the gang war, the attackers were also killed
  • Sitting in jail, Tillu was giving instructions to the attackers, security lapses

New Delhi
A big disclosure has come to light in the Rohini court shootout case. It is learned that gangster Tillu Tajpuria was in contact with the attackers before and after this shootout. Tillu, who was lodged in Mandoli jail, was taking the news every moment. Firing took place in Delhi’s Rohini court on Friday. Jitendra Mann alias Gogi, one of the famous criminals of Delhi, was murdered by the gangsters of Tillu gang in the gang war of two groups. These miscreants had reached the court in the guise of a lawyer. Police had killed two miscreants in the court itself.

Delhi Police has arrested two accused in the case. They have been identified as Umang Yadav and Vinay. Tillu Tajpuria, sitting in jail, had given the responsibility of eliminating the others along with Gogi to Umang. Umang is an LLB dropout. He had left two shooters in the Rohini court in the guise of lawyers.

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Vinay, the second accused, had helped in the disposal of the clothes and mobile phones of both the shooters after the encounter. The police have now recovered the clothes and mobile phones.

According to sources, gangster Tillu Tajpuria had planned to get rival Jitendra Gogi out of the way. While sitting in the jail, he was giving instructions one by one. He was taking small details from the attackers in the Rohini court. For example, whether they reached the court or not, how far is the court, when will they reach etc.

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This shows a major security lapse. This also shows how criminals are running their gangs fearlessly in jails. They get access to phone and internet.

Both the shooters stayed in a flat in Haiderpur, about 3 km from Rohini Court. This flat belonged to Umang Yadav. Umang has told that he studied law for three years. He had a lawyer’s uniform.

On September 24, the trio had reached a mall near Rohini Court. Here he wore the clothes of lawyers. His plan was to go on by killing Gogi. However, it failed. Umang had managed to escape from the spot.

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