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Big change in IPL Super Over and DRS; If the catch is out, the batting team will work

As the teams prepare for the 15th edition of the IPL, the BCCI has come up with a legal amendment to the tournament. Significant changes are being made in the DRS. Earlier, teams were given only one DRS per innings. From now on, DRS teams will get two in each innings on the model of international cricket.

The teams had earlier called for a change in the DRS. Captains will be under a lot of pressure as they only get one DRS. With the addition of DRS, the pressure on the bowlers and captains will be relieved. The BCCI has made another big change. If the batter goes out through a catch out, Strike will have to take on a new batter from now on. The rule was that a batter with a nonstriker end would get a strike if the strikers crossed before the catch was completed.

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The Marylebone Cricket Club recently approved the law. With this, this rule will come into effect for the first time in the IPL. This rule will backfire on the batting team when they have to raise the run rate in the final overs. The BCCI has informed the franchisees about the rules.

In the event of an inability to play the Super Over, the team at the top of the points table wins. The winners will be determined by this rule in case they are unable to play the Super Over under any circumstances. The same rule will apply to the final match.

If no team is able to field 11 players after Covid 19, the decision will be made to postpone the match to another day. However, if the game cannot be played another day, the opposing team will be declared the winner. The BCCI has the power to hold play-off matches at the stadium of choice. The new season will start on March 26. Chennai Super Kings will take on Kolkata Knight Riders in the first match. The league matches will be played at various stadiums in Maharashtra.

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