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Big blow to Houthi rebels, 18 killed in Saudi Arabian airstrikes in Yemen

At least 18 Houthi rebels were killed in an airstrike by a Saudi-led coalition in Yemen’s central province of Marib. An al-Jubah frontline source said on condition of anonymity that the insurgents were attacked while gathering under a tree in the center of al-Jubah district, killing 18 on the spot. It is being told that this attack was carried out by the Saudi coalition.

Last week, the Houthi group said they had captured al-Jubah in southern Marib after deadly fighting with Yemeni government forces. The Saudi army has been continuously carrying out attacks against the Houthi rebels. Just days earlier, at least 50 people were killed in fierce fighting between Houthi rebels and an Arab-led coalition advancing to capture Yemen’s main city of Marib.

After talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran, it was expected that this violence would end but it is not visible. The Houthi rebels have the support of Iran. At the same time, Saudi Arabia is running a campaign against the Houthi rebels in collaboration with other Gulf countries. Saudi Arabia is badly trapped in Yemen. These Houthi rebels often carry out airstrikes on Saudi Arabia’s oil bases and cities. This year, Houthi rebels have carried out dozens of missile and drone strikes that have caused significant damage to Saudi Arabia.