WorldBiden defends his decision to end Afghanistan occupation

Biden defends his decision to end Afghanistan occupation

US President Joe Biden made a speech at the White House following the completion of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“Last night in Kabul, the US ended its 20-year war in Afghanistan. It was the longest war in US history,” he said. Biden started with his words, emphasizing that the USA had evacuated more than 120,000 people and carried out the largest air evacuation in its history.

Biden described the evacuation operation in Afghanistan as an “extraordinary success” and thanked the diplomatic and military personnel serving in Kabul.

Noting that they decided to end the war in Afghanistan in April and set August 31 as the last day to withdraw, Biden said, “The expectation was that more than 300,000 Afghan national security forces, which we have trained and provided equipment for for 20 years, will stand strong in the civil war with the Taliban. We have seen that the assumption that it will resist for a while is not true.” he said.

Underlining that the US is still prepared for any situation, Biden noted that they have started to reach US citizens who want to leave Afghanistan since March, and that the evacuations started 17 days ago.

“Blinken continues diplomatic efforts for safe exit”

Biden said that the USA removed 5,500 US citizens from the country and around 100-200 people remained inside. Foreign Minister Antony Blinken continues his diplomatic efforts to ensure the safe exit of every American and Afghan ally.” said.

Reminding that the Taliban stated in various statements that they would provide safe passage to people who want to leave the country, Biden said, “We look at the actions of the Taliban, not just their words. We have the power to make sure that they fulfill these commitments.” used the phrase.

“I will not prolong this endless war”

Noting that the Taliban was in its strongest position militarily since 2001 when he took office, Biden stated that there were two options left for him to quit or to escalate the tension.

Biden said, “I will not prolong this endless war, I will not prolong the endless exit. It was the joint advice of my civilian and military advisers that our army should end the operations at Kabul Airport.” he said.

Noting that some people criticized him for not starting the evacuations from Afghanistan before, Biden said, “I strongly oppose this. Imagine that we started the evacuations in June or July and brought thousands of soldiers home. Again, in the middle of the civil war, it would be rushing to the airport.” shared his opinion.

Uploaded to his predecessor Trump

When Biden took office, he said that his predecessor, Donald Trump’s administration, made a deal with the Taliban and did not have many options.

“We came to power and we had a date ahead of us, May 1 and the massacres of the Taliban were approaching,” Biden said. We had two options. It was to continue the old administration’s agreement and extend it to evacuate people or send thousands more troops there to escalate the war.” made its assessment.

Biden, who claimed that the only national interest of the USA in Afghanistan was that that country ceased to be a threat to the USA, argued that al-Qaeda was destroyed in Afghanistan almost 10 years ago.

Reiterating that it is time to end the war, Biden said, “There is a new world now. The terrorist threat has spread across the world beyond Afghanistan.” he said.

Explaining that he believes that the security of the USA can no longer be ensured by deploying thousands of soldiers to other countries, Biden said, “The best way to ensure our security as the Commander-in-Chief is a solid, purposeful and sharp strategy.” said.

Biden also reminded that the world is now changing and the USA is in a serious power race with China and stated that the USA should shape itself according to the new world conditions.

Reminding that he promised to end the Afghanistan war during the presidential race, Biden said that he fulfilled this promise today.

Biden said, “No war has low intensity or low risk or low cost.” he replied.

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