WorldBiden: 5,000 troops will be dispatched to Kabul

Biden: 5,000 troops will be dispatched to Kabul

AA / Washington

US President Joe Biden has announced that he has increased to 5,000 the number of soldiers who will be sent to Afghanistan to evacuate the employees of the American embassy.

This is what emerges from a statement released by the White House on Saturday about the rapid advance of the Taliban who have extended their hold over the largest cities in Afghanistan.

Biden mentioned, in this sense, the number of soldiers who will be dispatched to Kabul, to evacuate the personnel of the American embassy and the Afghan citizens who collaborated with the United States and fearing reprisals from the insurgents.

The American President underlined having decided to increase to 5,000 soldiers, the military deployment in Kabul, in order to secure and ensure the rapid evacuation of diplomatic personnel from Afghanistan.

The Department of Defense of the United States initially mentioned the figure of 3,000 soldiers mobilized within the framework of this operation.

Biden also stressed that Washington has informed representatives of the “Taliban” in Qatar that there will be a rapid and dissuasive military response against any action that threatens American forces and their missions in Afghanistan.

* Translated from Arabic by Hajer Cherni

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