SportsBetween Djokovic and 20, the Berrettini canyon

Between Djokovic and 20, the Berrettini canyon

Matteo Berrettini told a few days ago that when he landed at Wimbledon, walking around the club, he coincided with the German Boris Becker; It is already known, the German bomber who won the British great three times and who raised to the category of art that serve-volley that is gradually dying out. The Roman, Novak Djokovic’s rival in the final this Sunday (15.00, Movistar) said that the fearsome gunboat of the eighties and nineties had dedicated a speech to him that he interpreted as a bluff, because he has faith, but not so much.

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“He said, ‘You have to do this, try to do that.’ And I thought, ‘maybe this guy came here and thought he would make it to the final.’ But I don’t have that way of thinking. I knew I could do it, but I did not have the conviction because I am like that … So I took each step very carefully, in the right way, but obviously the work is not finished. Of course, since I have come this far, I want to win the trophy ”, warns the world’s nine, the last obstacle between the Serbian and the one that would mean his 20th great; that is, as equals with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

But Nole distrusts and he is not without reasons. Berrettini, a 1.96 stalk who is making his way with one of the most violent rights on the circuit, lives a sweet moment and approaches the final with solid arguments. At the end of the day, in addition to the good route that he has signed during these two weeks of competition, he incorporates figures that do not deceive. He triumphed at Queen’s in the anteroom and he, 25 years old, is the tennis player who accumulates the most victories (11) on grass this season; only Djokovic himself and Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas surpass him in the annual race that marks the best; and, of course, he attends the duel with the bazooka on his back.

Statistics speak and make you bigger. Berrettini is the player who has signed the most direct aces in the tournament (101) and the one who retains the most points with second serves (61%), and only finds discussion in the first section with Djokovic, significantly above (85% to 82%). Both have been inflexible when serving – they have appropriated 95% of the games with their turn – and the Italian has been able to spit the ball at 223 kilometers per hour, beaten exclusively by the German Alexander Zverev (225 km / h).

Serbian plenary session: 20 of 20

“Look, this is Wimbledon, this is special. It is a temple. If you love tennis, or even if you don’t, you must visit this place sometime because it is special, ”she savors. “The feeling is fantastic, but it would be just the same even if I didn’t have the opportunity to be first. I fully believe that I deserve to be where I am, so I want to enjoy it, ”he replied when reminded that he could become the first tennis player in his country to win London. No other Italian reached the final, and he can also succeed Adriano Panatta, champion at Roland Garros in ’76, as a winner in the greats.

“In a final everything is possible”, remarks Djokovic, who has spent 12 hours 48 minutes on the track, a record very similar to his opponent’s, 13 hours 40 minutes. “Experience is on my side, but Matteo has won many matches on grass this year and arrives in great form. It will be very hard for both of us ”, continues the number one, who this year counts his appearances in the Grand Slams by victories, 20 games out of 20, and thus surpasses what Rod Laver achieved in 1969, when the Australian linked 19. Nole will tackle his Seventh final in the London tournament, the same as Pete Sampras and Becker, and he will try to assert his weight.

Their presence this Sunday confirms the sovereignty of the three giants on the big stages, since at least one of them has appeared in the final in 62 of the last 65 events, since Roland Garros in 2005. Meanwhile, the new ones enter winds. Medvedev challenged him in Melbourne, Tsitsipas in Paris and now Berrettini. He and his mallet, a well-founded alternative.

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