SportsBetis reacts late to a good Mallorca

Betis reacts late to a good Mallorca

The Betic Rodri hits with Baba.CATI CLADERA / EFE

The premiere of Mallorca and Betis ended with a fair tie and an obvious conclusion. The game of possession and control of the ball sometimes needs a change of rhythm, depth and overflow to be effective. Betis, who live off the ball, were a predictable team in the first half in which they were beaten by Mallorca, who gave them the ball and, incidentally, a little review. Oliván scored and the Andalusians were scared. But they had a great virtue. They did not despair and stayed true to their style. However, to that philosophy he added mobility and depth, with Canales and Fekir at the helm, putting pressure on a tired Mallorca to be closer to victory than his rival. The locals, supported by Baba and Dani Rodríguez, were overcome in a strategic action. Between Juanmi and the goal Reina came the tie. Betis, absolute dominator, wanted and was about to win in a shot from Joaquín. He reacted too late, giving up the entire first half to a good Mallorca.

Betis wanted to impose its presumable hierarchy against a recently promoted Mallorca and found the classic difficulty that plagues teams that apparently dominate the ball and almost never dominate the game. Actually, it was of almost nothing for Pellegrini’s team to monopolize the ball during the first 20 minutes. Mallorca, a well-worked team and a bit more conservative than last season, knew they had to suffocate Canales and Fekir, the great generators of the Andalusian game. With both players driving in inconsequential areas, it was clear that the home team was really in control of the game.

A quarry Betis

It was a very canterano Betis, with footballers like Paul, Aitor Ruibal and Rodri and only one incorporation, the goalkeeper Rui Silva. Mallorca had prepared the clash well. Choking Fekir and Canales, the one who started the game was Paul, a player with good physique, but with some technical limitations. In addition, the Andalusian team did not defend well either, which fed Mallorca’s options. Montoya lost sight of Oliván and the left-back scored in a great maneuver and after a fantastic pass from Dani Rodríguez. Day to frame the side, who scored his first goal in his debut in Primera.

Bad news happened at Betis. For example, Álex Moreno’s injury. But more disturbing for his interests was his inability to overcome Mallorca, always starting in the band with Mboula and almost always well placed. Slow and desperate at times, Betis was not there.

Betis improved a lot in the second half. Canales and Fekir broke free, forming a connection that shattered Mallorca. Paul settled in and the young Calderón added depth. Mallorca got tired and felt dizzy after the equalizer. Betis, always faithful to their style, monopolized the ball and arrivals. He wanted the triumph, he had it close, although perhaps he gave too much time. The one where Mallorca felt comfortable to take a good point on their return to the top flight.

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