WorldBertrand Badie: "In Ukraine, we are witnessing the first global war"

Bertrand Badie: “In Ukraine, we are witnessing the first global war”

MAINTENANCE – While the Russian invasion has lasted for more than a month and a half, Bertrand Badie analyzes for Le Figaro how this conflict is part of globalization in an unprecedented way.

Bertrand Badie is University Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Sciences Po Paris and author of Global Powers: Rethinking International Security (ed. Odile Jacob, 2021)

LE FIGARO. You speak of the conflict in Ukraine as a “globalised” war. Why such an adjective?

Bertrand Badie. At the dawn of the third millennium, we are faced with the first major interstate conflict, at least in Europe, and of a completely new kind. It’s about a “global warbecause of the context which is new, the strategies which are new and the consequences which are uncertain. As far as the context is concerned, all the countries of the globe, however distant they may be, are in fact involved and feel directly or indirectly the effects of this war. Without being stakeholders, the countries of the South risk, for example, suffering from an economic crisis, or even from famine. And all will have to pay for a conflict of which they are not…

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