SportsBernal: "Miguel Ángel showed his face for the Colombians"

Bernal: “Miguel Ángel showed his face for the Colombians”

The cyclists, conquerors of affection and love, show their skills before the fans that jell them and then reflect, and talk about themselves. Miguel Ángel Superman López, from Pesca (Boyacá), specialist in high mountain arrivals, achieves his third stage victory in his Vueltas – the previous two in 2017, in Calar Alto and Sierra Nevada – and when they ask him what it feels like to win in Asturias, as in his time his ancestors Lucho Herrera (1987) and Oliverio Rincón (1993) won in Lagos, responds that he really needed to win in the Vuelta because, although he has won another great climb on the Tour, the highest of the Alpes, the col de la Loze in 2020, had not won in Spain for four years, “and it was a victory for berraquera, of great work and heart ”.

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Although still no Spanish rider has won a stage this Vuelta, as in 1996, 25 years ago and Indurain saying goodbye to cycling in Asturias, at the foot of Lagos, and although the Vuelta has already been won by Primoz Roglic —and the Colombian said so: “Roglic is epic, Roglic is intractable, he is the best of all, and I congratulate him” -, the victory of Superman, 27, closes the debt with the Vuelta of a Spanish team, Movistar, and, as his compatriot recalls Egan Bernal, the wonder child of Zipaquirá, with Colombian cycling, so dominating in the mountains, does nothing, in Nairo’s time, so close.

“In the end it went well for us,” says the winner of the 19 Tour and the 21 Giro. “Miguel Ángel won and I’m happy for him. He showed his face for the Colombians ”. Egan speaks of Colombia and also, above all, speaks of himself, of his “masochism”, of his experience, of how if the attack 60 kilometers on the way to Lagos served him to vindicate himself, to finish ahead in the Gamoniteiru made him enjoy suffering.

“I have enjoyed it between the suffering and the attack. I’m a masochist, really. Pucha, I stayed from the first climb. I suffered even on the plain ”, says Egan, 24 years old and already so many victories. “This stage has been a chimba[bonita, hermosa] To watch on TV, but I was busted, we were all busted. I was that I stayed on the first climb and on the flat I couldn’t even hold the pace. It was going so bad that I offered myself to Adam [Yates] to upload caramels [bidones de agua]. I don’t even know how I got to the first ”.

Egan not only arrived but even attacked, five kilometers from the top, and his artillery announced the final battle. Roglic moved. Superman attacked. De la Cruz fell. Egan attacked again. Roglic sped up. He resisted more.

“And I don’t know how that could happen,” says Egan, more thoughtful than ever. “He was climbing at a very hard pace. Being able to attack at that rate is practically impossible. It is the truth, it is physics, it is mathematics. They do not give the legs, they do not give the numbers. I tried to move. We did something. At least we made it more fun on TV. At least I had fun on my first lap. I’m going to take a nice souvenir. It may not have been the great lap that I have walked the most, but it has been the one that I have learned the most. I even think that the one where I had the most fun, like the Giro, or more ”.

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