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Benzema: “I dream since I was a child of winning the Ballon d’Or”

A day after the list of the 30 nominees for the Ballon d’Or was known and on the eve of the final of the League of Nations between France and Spain, Karim Benzema analyzes the maturity of his game and the current situation of his team and the national team French in an interview in the newspaper AS. “Spain is a very young team, but with a lot of talent. I hope we see a beautiful and contested match that makes people happy, which is what the players want, ”says the Real Madrid striker before Sunday’s meeting at San Siro.

Benzema reviews in AS the evolution of his game and the connection with the Madrid fans. “It may have been difficult for me, but the important thing is that now people enjoy my football. That is what gives me the strength to try nice things on the pitch, because I feel that support from the stands. We play for Real Madrid, which is everyone’s dream. And the fans of our club are very demanding and come to the Bernabéu to see things that are not seen in other stadiums. That must always be kept in mind ”, explains the French forward before reviewing the keys to his sporting maturity and physical care. “There are strikers today who when they are over thirty are more effective, maintain great form and can score many more goals, in addition to offering more football to the team. Today’s football allows it ”, he says. “I work a lot in training, but I also do it at home. I prepare myself every week the best I can, with effort and intensity, thinking of being ready for the weekend’s games and the Champions League games. What is said that you play as you train is totally true, ”Benzema emphasizes.

The Madrid forward also reflects on the innate aspects of his footballing conception. “The most important thing is to watch fast football. You have to have the next move in your head before the previous one ends, and execute it at full speed. That is the great secret, and this cannot be taught. I know what I’m going to do before I get the ball. That comes to me since I was little, because I always played with other boys older than me, taller, stronger and faster. And that forced me to play as a game now, to think quickly and execute the play as soon as I received the ball at my feet ”, Benzema details before expressing his desire for the great individual prize in European football. “Since I was little I have the dream of winning the Ballon d’Or. It is true that the most important thing is always the team, but when you help your team to win, when you make important plays and score many goals, the next thing is to have the Ballon d’Or. in the head, in the thought. Of course I am going to do everything possible and I am going to work as hard as possible to have that great trophy, to hopefully win it one day and fulfill that dream I have had since I was a child ”, he emphasizes.

His mentor status for young people and praise for Kylian Mbappé close Benzema’s interview. “Young people see me as an older brother, but I like to help them in any way I can. I offer myself to give them things that can serve them, and I do it on and off the field. I do it with everyone, also with Vinicius. They are all very young, but they have a lot of quality ”, he says before talking about his forward teammate in the French team. “Mbappé is a phenomenon, because of his football and because of his age. He’s very good, and he’s a very good boy. I really enjoy playing with him, and also with Griezmann, who moves well in small spaces. I have a great time when we play together with the France team. I love playing with them ”, he closes.

The 30 nominees for the Ballon d’Or

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