SportsBenzema has more goals than 12 First teams

Benzema has more goals than 12 First teams

Endorsed by his goals (8) and his goal passes (7) in the first six days of the League, Karim Benzema has become at this start of the season the most prolific striker of the five major European championships (League, Premier, Bundesliga , Serie A and Ligue 1). Haaland (7/3) and Lewandowski (7/0), with one game less, follow him in this virtual classification, in which Vinicius is fourth (5/2). Mbappé, with one more match played, stays at four and three, respectively.

At the domestic level, the effectiveness of 9 white also allows any comparison. He has more goals than 12 First Teams and has the same goals as Barcelona and Sevilla, who have one less game, due to the postponement of the game between them. Only Valencia (11), Rayo (10) and Betis, Atlético and Real Sociedad (9) have been more accurate against the opposite door than the French forward.

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In these half dozen games, four complete ones, he has only stopped playing 11 minutes, which means that he hits the door every 66 minutes. He has shot 23 times, 12 of them between the three clubs. Six of his goals have been with his right leg, one from a penalty and two from the head. He has signed in four games with a triplet (Celta) and two doubles (Alavés and Mallorca) and one against Valencia. His goal passes are divided into five games, two against Levante and Mallorca and one against Celta, Betis and Valencia.

Pure statistics aside, his influence on Real Madrid’s offensive game is maximum. It is the absolute reference. It moves all over the front of the attack. The bands are dropped. Go down to the center of the field to channel the transitions. Create spaces for your companions. Organize. Send. Place. The true leader on the field.

A Ray of fashion. Every beginning of the course has its revelation team and at present, Rayo Vallecano is the opponent with the most solvency. He started by losing the first two games – in the first he was left with 10 due to the expulsion of his goalkeeper Luca Zidane at 16 minutes – but he has added ten points in the last four with a draw and three consecutive victories. The last in San Mamés (1-2) of those that revalue for the substance of an Athletic that arrived launched.

In his debut in Primera as a coach, Andoni Iraola is being faithful to his principles. It is not locked behind. Try to have the ball without making him dizzy. Quick defense-attack transitions. Good fold. Audacity in almost all his players. Long wings (Balliu and Fran García) with arrival to the baseline and a solid inside game with Comesaña and Trejo, staggered, and with a lot of presence with the ball. From a classic 1-4-2-3-1, the team attacks well, 10 goals, only surpassed by the 21 of the leader Real Madrid and the 11 of Valencia and six against. Very good balance if we consider that four of them were in the first two games.

On the last day of the market he strengthened himself where he most needed it. Above. Two center forwards arrived: Guardiola (1 goal) and Falcao (2) to compete with Nteka (1), who has had a difficult time starting the game. Vallecas promises strong emotions.

The danger of rotations. The weeks of three league days are usually very treacherous. Most coaches opt for massive rotations to control the minutes and wear of their presumed starters and the variants do not always go well. For example, Marcelino, in Athletic, made seven changes in relation to the match against Atlético (0-0) to that of Rayo (1-2). He only kept one player per line: Unai, Lekue (changed wings), Muniain and Raúl García. The collective performance dropped considerably to the point where the coach publicly pointed out that he had not liked his team at all.

Luis García Plaza with his Mallorca at the Bernabéu also opted for a considerable rotation, although in his discharge he has the mitigation of injuries on the defensive line. Also seven changes between the game with Villarreal (0-0) and Real Madrid (6-1). Only the goalkeeper Reina, Valjent, Oliván and Kubo repeated. The coach prioritized this weekend’s game against Osasuna. He paid for it with a landslide.

The Asensio interior. Since the beginning of the course, Ancelotti, in training, had been testing Asensio as a midfielder and in that position he had used him every time he had substituted a teammate. In the minutes he had against Levante (31), Betis (24) and Celta (11), -against Alavés there were only two in the first league game- the Mallorcan always acted from the inside. Indistinctly to the right or to the left. On Tuesday, in his first start, his starting point was the ‘8’ lane, although in many moments, when his team attacked, he became a conventional midfielder behind Benzema.

From that position he scored three goals, came into contact with the ball a lot and seemed to feel comfortable outside the band where it was usually used by Zidane. More tests and, above all, more committed games in the defensive aspect will be needed to know if Asensio can reconvert into a roundtrip interior. The competition is capital. Modric and Kroos start from hard-won fixity. Valverde and Camavinga seem like their natural replacements … so it won’t be easy for him to have many minutes either in that area. Asensio has always stated that his ideal position is the midfielder in a diamond midfield (4-4-2), but his team, for the moment, does not play with that system.

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