World'Beginnings are very important'

‘Beginnings are very important’

Reminding that they did the analysis of their opponents, Avcı said, “We worked on defense and attack according to the opponent. Even though the ground looked fresh from the outside, we struggled in a field where the risk of injury was too high for both sides. We made simple turnovers in possession.” used the phrases.

“We got the score at the beginning of the game. We could have been better in the game.” Avci continued:

“The opponent was very effective, especially in the middle of the edge, we ate the first lake from it. We have to play with the same enthusiasm in defense as we play on offense. We have some shortcomings in the defense of the team at the beginning of the season. We are working on them. Starts are very important. Both in Europe. lap in the cup and make such a good start to the league.”

“We have to transfer players”

Yeni Malatyaspor’s coach İrfan Buz, who lost 5-1 to Trabzonspor in the first week of the Super League, said that they will look ahead by learning lessons from the match.

Speaking at the press conference held after the match, Buz noted that they wanted to win against Trabzonspor in the first match of the season, but this did not happen.

“We had a ready-made Trabzonspor, but also an individual, mistaken Yeni Malatyaspor.” Buz said:

“In the end, we were defeated 5-1. After entering so many positions, we could have scored goals. In the end, Trabzon won rightfully, I congratulate him, but despite him, we entered a lot of goal positions. When we look at ourselves, our shortcomings are obvious. We lost, now we will learn from here and look ahead. Of course. “What are our shortcomings in this regard? We had shortcomings both in terms of gameplay and deficiencies caused by individual mistakes. Our management works here as well. We have to transfer football players. There are players we meet, I hope that when they join, I definitely believe that it will be a very different Yeni Malatyaspor.”

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