WorldBeer Pots: Pottery 9000 years ago in China! Drinking?

Beer Pots: Pottery 9000 years ago in China! Drinking?

Own report: Archaeologists have unearthed some 9,000-year-old pottery from an ancient tomb in China. They think that the pots were used for drinking. It is also believed that in ancient times there was a practice of drinking or offering alcohol in honor of the dead due to the discovery of pottery.

A team of researchers has found the pots in the town of Qiaoto in China’s southern province of Zhejiang. The pots were in a tiller. Shaft around Tiller. In ancient times people were buried here. Among the researchers was Jiajing Wang. He is a teacher at Dortmouth College in the United States. He sees this discovery as a unique example of ‘social relations’ in ancient times.

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Scientists say no such earthenware pot, 9,000 years old, has been found anywhere else before. That being said, the pots aren’t too big. 8 out of 20 pots have long necks. These were used by people in the past for any drink or liquor. Researchers have also collected ancient fossils from pots. They have tested that sample. After testing, they found parts of rice, a mixture of herbs and other plant ingredients inside the pot. In ancient times they were used for making drinks. Researchers say that these did not originate naturally inside the pot. There must have been alcohol in the pots. In East Asia, there is a trend of making alcohol by rotting rice.

“Studies have shown that earthenware pots were used to hold drinks,” Wang said in a statement. This drink was usually made by roasting rice. He added that making such drinks 9,000 years ago was not an easy task. Because, at that time paddy cultivation was at a very early stage.

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