SportsBartomeu makes Laporta better

Bartomeu makes Laporta better

Nothing better than a sad letter from Josep Maria Bartomeu to provoke the brilliant oratory of Joan Laporta. The eagerness of the former president to justify a work that hardly has forgiveness allowed the current president to be exhibited at a time when he was supposed to be in a hurry due to the “contradictory” departure of Leo Messi. Laporta was recreated in the “lies” of Bartomeu, who continues to live in Disneyland, and his arguments were so convincing that no one doubted that Barça is ruined and at the expense of the gratitude of some footballers accused precisely of contributing to emptying the money with their salary. Camp Nou box. Even the roof of the stadium would have fallen on top of the partners if Laporta’s directive had not mediated.

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Bartomeu makes Laporta a better president every time he writes or opens his mouth because he is not aware that starvation is not bad when the management has been terrible since 2015. Better not to talk about Neymar, or Espai Barça and less about Barçagate. The legacy is so questionable, not to say miserable, that the attempt to control the president has caused a boomerang effect, so that it results more in the calamities and the modus operandi of Bartomeu than in the day-to-day life and the plans of Laporta . Nobody knows how Barça will come out of bankruptcy because it will not be enough with the motivation and the austerity plan of Ferran Reverter. The impact of the numbers in any case relativizes any decision made by Laporta.

The presentation of the guarantee of 124.6 million caused important changes in the directive constituted on March 17; there was a long doubt about the continuity of Ronald Koeman; It is not very clear what he looks like or who signed Kun Agüero; the president refuses to talk about the Super League and tries not to mention Florentino Pérez; and it is not easy to piece together the story of Messi’s last hours in Barcelona. There is no president who has Laporta’s ability to adapt to circumstances, generate expectations and present solutions, as was warned precisely when he was required by the Argentine’s departure after betting on his renewal: “We advance the post-Messi era by two years” .

Nothing seems impossible for the witty Laporta. Where the majority warns of a desperate situation, the president offers himself as a lifeguard for Barça. And if the person who opposes him is Bartomeu, Laporta will be charged more than ever with reasons, as was appreciated in his speech at the Auditori 1899. No one has been able to deny who announced that “Laporta was born to be president of Barça.”

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