IndiaBars should be open everywhere; Let KSRTC escape: Ganesh Kumar

Bars should be open everywhere; Let KSRTC escape: Ganesh Kumar


  • Beverage outlets should be started
  • The reactionary policy is not right
  • He also pointed out that there are beverage outlets in private bus stands

Kochi: KB Ganeshkumar MLA supported the opening of beverage outlets in KSRTC depots. The beverage outlet sits inside the palace’s private busstand. Are there any bars at the airport? If there are bars in the KSRTC bus stand, KSRTC will get its rent. No one has a complaint about what the Priests are getting, ”said KB Ganeshkumar.

“KSRTC did not even run. It is not right for a managing director to insult a man when he tries to earn anything other than ticket revenue. The beverage outlet is at the Kottarakkara private bus stand. The KSRTC bus stand is next to it. .Are there no bars at the airport? There is a bar at the Kochi International Airport? There are bars in small hotels and restaurants in the Gulf countries like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Says Ganesh Kumar.

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“It’s like saying no to a mobile phone tower .It’s not possible to get ten thousand mobile towers in someone’s backyard .It’s a mobile tower in my backyard. Kottarakkara Beverage is housed in a private building and what’s wrong with renting it to a KSRTC building? ” Ganesh Kumar asks.

Meanwhile, Congress leader VM Sudheekaran had come out against the supply of liquor through KSRTC depots. Selling alcohol is like selling essential medicine. It is dangerous to sell liquor through KSRTC depots. Sudheeran said he hoped the court would intervene in the matter. The court should reconsider the government’s decision. The decision should not be delayed, said Sudheeran.

The KCBC anti-alcohol committee’s response was that Minister Antony Raju’s desire to start liquor shops at the KSRTC stand was illusory. While trying to reduce the consumption of alcohol on the one hand, it is not right for the government to move on the other hand to facilitate the distribution of alcohol. The anti-alcohol committee said that the move by the minister seemed to drive the chain insane.

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All the departments were informed that vacant rooms in KSRTC depots would be rented out. Bevco was similarly informed. Bevco has announced its intention to start Bevco in a KSRTC rental building. Liquor sales will not cause inconvenience to travelers. Minister Antony Raju said the move was to increase non-ticket revenue of KSRTC.

Earlier, the public was allowed to refuel from KSRTC pumps as part of increasing non-ticket revenue. KSRTC has already made it clear that vacant rooms in depots will be rented out.

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