WorldBangladesh Violence: Transfer of police chiefs, strict action by the government

Bangladesh Violence: Transfer of police chiefs, strict action by the government

Own report: The government of Bangladesh has taken big steps to restore peace in the violence-torn country. The police chiefs of the violence-hit districts of Bangladesh have been removed. Today, the Ministry of Home Affairs of Bangladesh issued a directive to this effect. Feni, Rangpur, Chittagong, Dhaka Metropolitan Police Chief has been transferred.

Incidentally, the Durga Puja mandapa has been attacked with the aim of destroying communal harmony in Bangladesh. This attack is ‘premeditated’. Saf said, Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan. He said the attack on Hindus in Comilla was premeditated, alleging that the Holy Quran had been defamed. Its aim was to destroy communal harmony in Bangladesh. It is persuaded by a particular group. We will reveal all the evidence and those involved will be given exemplary punishment. “

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Incidentally, the Holy Quran has been insulted in the Durgamandap in Comilla, spreading rumors on social media has spread violence in Bangladesh. The attack is on the ISKCON temple. It is alleged that the monks were killed. It is alleged that the Ramakrishna Mission was also attacked. There was also vandalism and looting. In such a situation, all quarters have demanded to ensure the safety of Hindus living in Bangladesh.

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