WorldBangladesh: Unrest in Durgamandapa attack, all Hindus and Muslims in protest

Bangladesh: Unrest in Durgamandapa attack, all Hindus and Muslims in protest

Own report: Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, witnessed unrest on the second day of the attack on the temple and vandalism of the mandapa during Durga Puja. Hindu-Muslims staged separate protests in several places on Saturday in protest of the incident.

The miscreants vandalized the mandapa on the charge of insulting the Quran at Durgapujo in Comilla. The video footage went viral on social media, spreading unrest. The administration said two Hindus were killed in the recent communal unrest, bringing the death toll to six. Meanwhile, at least four people were killed on Wednesday when police opened fire on about 500 people in an attack on a Hindu temple in the southern city of Hajiganj, according to Deutsche Welle.

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Tens of thousands of Muslims protested outside the main mosque in Dhaka on Saturday. They protested with banners of Islamic political parties. They demanded that the culprits be punished there. On the other hand, a Hindu gathering of 1000 people was held not far away. They protested the attack on the temple and the death of two people.

The Hasina government is quite worried about this incident Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday met leaders of the Hindu community and promised to take stern action against the culprits behind the incident. Security has been beefed up in troubled areas through the deployment of paramilitary border guards. Note that only 10 percent of the 160 million population in Bangladesh is Hindu

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Incidentally, the Durga Puja mandapa was attacked with the aim of destroying communal harmony in Bangladesh and the attack was ‘pre-planned’, said Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan. The remarks were made by the home minister on Sunday after multiple cases were filed against hundreds of people and unidentified persons in connection with the Durga Pujo attack in Comilla on Wednesday.

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