WorldBalloon festival to be held in Turkish Cappadocia

Balloon festival to be held in Turkish Cappadocia

The sky of Cappadocia will be decorated with balloons of bizarre figures.

The II International Balloon Festival will be held in the tourist region of Turkey on August 27-29.

Turkish company Pasha Balloons, operating in Ortahisar district of Nevsehir province, has designed a rocket-shaped balloon that will, among others, grace the Cappadocia sky at the festival.

A rocket-shaped balloon successfully completed a test flight in the Avanos area.

The head of the board of directors of Pasha Balloons, Khalis Aydogan, recalled in an interview with reporters that the first balloon festival in Cappadocia was held in 2019.

In preparation for this year’s festival, local companies are designing balloons in various shapes.

According to Aydogan, guests from Spain and Portugal will come to the festival.

This is the first festival in Turkey, during which bizarre balloons will rise into the sky.

According to Aydogan, Pasha Balloons will present balloons in three different shapes at the festival: a heart, a rocket and the flag of Turkey.

The balls took an average of three to four months to create, he said.

“It took three months to create a balloon in the form of a rocket. We started designing after my six-month-old son asked “why we don’t have a balloon in the form of a rocket,” continued the head of the company’s board of directors.

According to him, the balloon with the colors of the Turkish flag will become the world’s largest “flying flag” of Turkey.

The goal of local companies is to make Cappadocia a global model for organizing hot air balloon festivals, he added.

A large number of tourists visit Cappadocia every year to admire the unique natural landscape of the region, in particular the Peribajalara valley, ancient monasteries in the rocks, underground cities and other attractions.

Hot air balloon flights in Cappadocia are organized on average 300 days a year. In particular, during the winter season, flights may be canceled due to wind, fog or heavy rains.

Hot air balloon flights are organized in favorable weather conditions with the permission of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation under the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Turkey.

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