LifestyleBalenciaga: goodbye to social media?

Balenciaga: goodbye to social media?

Even Balenciaga, just like Bottega Veneta had done, in these hours has deleted all the posts from its Instagram profile. Why did the house of the Kering group make this move? What should we expect?

Yesterday the Instagram profile of Balenciaga suffered a social blackout. All the posts present on the account, in fact, they are suddenly disappeared.

The choice of the company immediately brought to mind the move which, some time ago, had been made by Bottega Veneta, which, moreover, is part of the same holding, the group Kering.

Both fashion houses in fact, they have done a lot in recent years talk about oneself for innovative collections, alternative methods and approaches bold And desecrating, also dictated by genius creative of two designer at the head of the brands: Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga e Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta.

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The decision of Balenciaga to eliminate yourself from Instagram, however, it could be dictated by special needs. Here’s what it is!

Balenciaga: the brand’s farewell to social media

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The complete reset of an account Instagram it is rather a practice common, not only by the brand in fashion but also for singers, actors And personages of the world of show.

In fact, it is usually a practice used to announce new singles, new projects or new collections; in short, news. And it seems that for too Balenciaga things are going alike.

To suggest a little clue on what we will see in the next days it was a story in evidence posted a little while ago, which refers to a site entirely dedicated to the collection haute couture.

How do you read the July 7, at 11.30, the long awaited will be held parade that after 53 years old, will bring the brand led by Demna Gvasalia.

In short, in fact what it aims at Balenciaga it’s a A new start and, hopefully, it will pave the way for a new chapter for the maison, albeit already experienced in the past.

But what will happen on the social profiles of the brand after the presentation of the parade?