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AZERTAC Chairman of the Board Aslanov: Azerbaijan-Turkey brotherhood is one of the important examples in the unification of the Turkish world

Hosted by the Presidency of Communications, held with the theme of “Rooted Past, Strong Future” “Turkic Council Media Forum”at, “Constructing the Future as the Turkish World” bsession was held.

NTV Foreign Relations and Foreign News Coordinator Ahmet Yeşiltepe, who was the moderator of the session, said that the forum was a guiding, extraordinary beginning and milestone.

Stating that the common history, blood ties and cultural relatives made themselves together rather than “water resembles water”, Yeşiltepe said that the independence of brother and relative states 30 years ago was described as a “change of points in Turkish history” and interpreted as the beginning of a new era. .

Yeşiltepe stated that very important steps were taken to shed light on the future of the Turkish world in the past, and noted that the most important of these was the Turkic Council.

Yeşiltepe said that the Turkish world has a lot of common ground to be united on the path it has set out with the hope of building a better future and the route it will draw, and continued as follows:

“Our deep-rooted past, brotherhood, strong history connect us to a much more advantageous position than other searches for unity and partnership in the world. This wealth creates a very strong ground for a bright future, a developed and prosperous common civilization. We know that our most valuable treasure is unity in the heart. But now it’s time to take more concrete and stronger steps. With the mass media and social media, which are seen as guiding and determining the social effects of today’s world, we come across as areas that we need to deal with and get used to while constructing the future. There is certainly a lot to do in these areas. Moreover, it is obvious that the digital networks that are gradually increasing with global disinformation, false and fake news reporting, traditional media tools whose purpose is only manipulation, and unfortunately, the groups that carry out fifth column activities in these networks are also growing.”

Emphasizing that there is a need for concrete cooperation in order to put forward legitimate rights and demands on a global level, Yeşiltepe said, “Here we saw this last time in Karabakh. A joint publication that announced the demands of the just cause of Azerbaijan, which ended the occupation of Karabakh a year ago, to the world public opinion in the strongest way possible. Our understanding, our approach to communication, which is put forward with fairness and conscience, has shown what the Turkish world can actually achieve when united. We did not only win in the field, we also won in communication. We saw that if there is unity in the field of communication, we can better explain your just causes, legitimate rights and demands to the world.” said.

“Azerbaijan-Turkey brotherhood is one of the most important examples of the unification of the Turkish world”

Aslan Aslanov, Chairman of the Azerbaijan State News Agency (AZERTAC), He said that the gathering of the Turkish media in the forum was very valuable for them.

Aslanov stated that the paths leading to the future intersect here as states and peoples belonging to a common history, civilization, religion and language.

Expressing the importance of combining the power of the Turkish states, Aslanov made the following assessments:

“Today, we face Turkish hostility and Islamophobia in the world. If we respond to them together, no force can stand in front of us. The Karabakh Victory is an example of this. The Turkish state, which is a friend and brother, is important in achieving this victory. Azerbaijan-Turkey brotherhood is one of the most important examples of the unification of the Turkish world. In a meeting he attended and Turkey was not present, our President said, “Turkey is not here, but I am here.” “Where there is no Turkey, there is Azerbaijan, where there is no Azerbaijan, Turkey is there.”

Noting that they saw the fake news made by the world media in the process of retaking the lands that Armenia occupied for 30 years, Aslanov said, “The support given by the brotherly Turkish media to Azerbaijan in the war played an important role. I thank my dear friend and brother Serdar Karagöz with great gratitude. With his support. We have worked to revitalize this union. We would like to have Turkish Language News Agency Union congresses.” used his statements.

Kyrgyzstan Madaniyat-Tarykh-Til TV Channel Editor-in-Chief Nazira Aaly Kyzy also stated that civilizations that are based on each other should be considered by developing and strengthening roots.

Pointing out that the concepts of “Turkish civilization” and “Turkish world” should be close to each other, Kyzy said, “If we look at the European Union as the Turkish world, we have a lot to take as an example. European countries tried hard to reach the current situation, but their unity was formed with economic stability and gains. “The common denominator of us Turkish countries has never been material. We must give importance to the youth in order to shape the Turkish world. We must create a common Turkish feeling.” he said.

“It is a great blessing to have a partner agency of the Turkish world”

Yeldos Nashirali, Chairman of Kazakhstan Kazinform International News Agency, stated that when it comes to information exchange, they always observe international standards with the news agency they established.

Nashirali, cooperation, working together and at many points, “We will be stronger if we are together.” Explaining that he heard the messages, he continued as follows:

“Today, it is a great blessing to have a joint agency of the Turkish world. We must establish a joint news agency that will serve the interests of our countries quickly and in a short time, and move to a mechanism where quick decisions are made. There is also an area called military information transfer, military technology and military journalism. “We care about it. We also call it war correspondent journalism. Our news photographers and war reporters should be able to share their experiences with each other. We must protect our understanding of true journalism by not allowing the fate of our own people to be played with. We must act. We believe that we can achieve better only by uniting.”

Baku State University Faculty of Journalism Dean Vugar Aliyev stated that the importance and influence of the media has become an indisputable reality and that the world’s leading power centers are in need of the media.

Noting that wars are now fought with the media, Aliyev said:

“The globalization that continued in the world at the beginning of the 21st century was also effective in journalism. The new world journalism is multifaceted. National characteristics are preserved. Establishing a common communication network in terms of contemporary communication technologies is an important area. Politics is based on sharing the information-news flow to a significant extent. The main functions of the media But today we can also add disinformation to it. Disinformation is an attack on people’s consciousness. Correct information can turn defeat into victory in war, and victory into defeat. There is a double standard approach to what is happening in the Turkish geography in the world. Against this, it is imperative for the Turkish world to establish a common media platform. “The establishment of a common media education platform can enable us to achieve significant joint success. The Union of Communication Faculties of Turkic Republics should be established, and then the joint Turkish Media Academy should be established.”

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