WorldAustralia: People are not obeying lockdown; Australia took to the streets

Australia: People are not obeying lockdown; Australia took to the streets

Own report: Australia is virtually devastated in the Delta. The lockdown in Sydney was extended earlier. Today, the Queensland administration also extended the lockdown in Brisbane from Monday.

But people are getting impatient, they don’t want to accept the restrictions of lockdown, limitation. But in order to keep the residents at home in accordance with the lockdown rules, the army was deployed on the streets of Sydney to avoid the attack of the Delta variant. They are patrolling the whole area.

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To keep the infection under control, 300 Australian soldiers will visit every home in Sydney from Monday to find out if Corona sufferers are being isolated. And if there is any laxity in this work, it will confirm the matter. Army and police personnel will also patrol the streets regularly so that no one goes out on the streets unnecessarily unless absolutely necessary.

Australia still lags far behind in terms of immunization. So for now, the Australian administration has decided to continue the lockdown. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that the lockdown will be eased once 80 percent of the population is vaccinated.

The lockdown in Brisbane was due to end on Tuesday. But for the time being, the ban has been extended till Sunday in view of the additional infection. The number of corona cases in Australia is still 34,400. However, only 19 percent of people have received the corona vaccine so far.

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