IndiaAttracting young women from campuses to terrorism has gone unnoticed; CM...

Attracting young women from campuses to terrorism has gone unnoticed; CM rejects CPM report


  • Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan rejects CPM report.
  • No such moves have been noticed.
  • Steps will be taken to ensure religious harmony.

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has rejected the CPM’s report that there is a conscious attempt to lead young women to communalism and extremism through colleges in the state. It has not been noticed that such moves are taking place on campuses. He told the House that the intelligence chief had not reported the matter to the government.

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The Chief Minister was responding to a question raised by members of the Opposition, including Shafi Parampil. At the same time, the CM said in response to a question on communalism that the media had noticed an increase in rivalry between different religions in the state. The government is taking positive steps to prevent such moves. The atmosphere in the state is generally peaceful. However, the CM alleged that some online portals were trying to create communal riots by giving fake news.

The intelligence unit and the cyber cell have stepped up checks to prevent the move by some online portals. Various sections of the police, including the CyberDome, the Hi-Tech Cell, the Cyber ​​Police Stations and the Police Media Cell, have been tasked with this task. The CM told the assembly that action had been taken against some online portals following the incidents.

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The government is taking all possible steps to ensure religious harmony. There is no need to convene an all-party meeting on the issue with the involvement of eminent persons belonging to the religious community. The state has a good atmosphere of harmony between different religions. The government is taking steps to move forward by organizing all sections. At the same time, the Chief Minister clarified in the Assembly that the government is taking positive steps to ensure religious harmony.

The CPM reports that there is a conscious effort to lure young women into extremism by focusing on professional colleges in the state. The note for the inaugural address of the party conferences made a controversial reference to the Muslim extremist activities centered on the colleges. The party said in a statement that it was trying to create problems by infiltrating Muslim organizations and that talks in support of even the Taliban should be taken seriously in the state.

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The party claims that Muslim communal extremist politics is deliberately trying to infiltrate Muslim organizations and create problems. Organizations like the Taliban are rejected by the vast majority of Muslims and democrats. However, various media outlets reported that the CPM note had made it clear that pro-Taliban talks in the state should be taken seriously.

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