WorldAttempts to weaken Turkey are doomed to failure

Attempts to weaken Turkey are doomed to failure

Ankara will continue to thwart attempts to turn Turkey into an unstable, unsafe, fragile and vulnerable state to outside interference.

This was stated by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the graduation ceremony of the National Defense University.

“It is impossible to occupy the lands of a country with an unshakable army,” the Turkish leader emphasized.

The head of state expressed confidence that Turkey will continue to develop thanks to its army, education system and technology.

According to him, Turkey is ready to cope with any challenges thanks to “the support of a great people and the might of its heroic army.”

President Erdogan also spoke about Turkey’s efforts to counter the activities of the terrorist organization Fetullah Gulen (FETÖ). The head of state said that after the attempted coup d’etat undertaken in the country on July 15, 2016, about 21 thousand servicemen who had ties with this group were expelled from the ranks of the Turkish Armed Forces.

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