India'Attempted assassination by Sangh Parivar'; Bindu Ammini said that they may...

‘Attempted assassination by Sangh Parivar’; Bindu Ammini said that they may have thought I was dead


  • Bindu Ammini said that the car was hit with the intention of killing.
  • Attacks and assassination attempts on him have been going on for days.
  • Bindu Ammini said the police were cooperating well.

Kozhikode: Activist Bindu Ammini said that the assassination attempt was made against her on the instructions of the Sangh Parivar. He deliberately hit the car with the intention of killing her. Such assaults and assassination attempts have been going on for days. Mathrubhumi reported that they had made it clear that the crashed auto did not stop with the intention of killing.

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Bindu Ammini was hit by an autorickshaw on her way home at 9.30 pm on Saturday. Bindu Amini was admitted to Koyilandy Taluk Hospital with serious injuries. Bindu Ammini clarified that the car hit him in the face. “It was a big thunderstorm, I must have thought I was dead. I fell to the ground from the impact of the thunder. There was a bruise in my mouth and I was bleeding. The side mirror hit my face. The car’s mirror shattered and fell down.

No one was around when the auto crashed. Look at the auto with the broken mirror and you can easily find out who hit it by checking the CCTV. There was good cooperation from the police. The CIA was called in immediately after the accident. The man in the two-wheeler was rushed to hospital. Bindu Ammini said doctors had referred her to a medical college as she was suffering from headaches and pain.

The state has an obligation to provide security for itself as per the Supreme Court order but does not receive security. Despite being with the police for a year, there were minor incidents of violence. Bindu Ammini said the move was made after the lack of police security.

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At around 9.25 pm on Saturday, Otto Bindu Ammini, who was coming from the opposite direction, was on his way home from a textile shop in Poilkavu Bazaar. Earlier, they were attacked by an unidentified group of bike riders at Mithaitheru in Kozhikode.

Bindu had filed a case against the bus driver for publicly insulting Ammini last September. Bindu Ammini was assaulted by the driver of a Sain bus operating on the Kannur-Kozhikode route. Nadkavu police have registered a case against him for verbally abusing a woman under IPC 509.

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