IndiaAttappady: 140 hospital employees without pay for 3 months; The answer...

Attappady: 140 hospital employees without pay for 3 months; The answer is no funds

By Aneeb PA

Kottathara Government Tribal Specialty Hospital, Attappadi, Palakkad has won the Kayakalpa Award for Best Hospital. But it has been three months since the temporary staff who helped lift the hospital to the top were paid. About 140 temporary employees, including those from the tribal areas of Attappady, have not been paid.

Ambulance driver Robert Thankachan said he applied for the job following an advertisement that he was hiring on a temporary basis. Time plusTold.

“My experience driving an ambulance and having a heavy license helped me get a job three years ago. When KK Shailaja was the health minister, he would get one month’s salary next month. There will never be arrears. But I have not been paid for three months now, ”says Robert.

Robert Thankachan, Ambulance Driver, Attappady Tribal Specialty Hospital – Handout / Samayam Plus

Patients in remote villages of Attappady who need specialist treatment have to drive three to four hours to reach the Thrissur and Kozhikode Medical College Hospitals, 130 and 145 km away. The critically ill patients and pregnant women are being carefully transported along the bad Mannarkkad Pass Road. In addition to the ambulance driver post, there are temporary employees in other fields such as cleaning and nursing. – Robert said.

The temporary employees allege that the authorities say that they have submitted a petition to the minister asking for his salary. But they do not guarantee when the funds will arrive or when the salaries will be paid. Robert alleges that the authorities told him to leave if it was difficult for him to stay without pay.

“Many did not respond, thinking that their jobs would go away. The hospital, which grew with the help of temporary staff, now operates as a corporate entity. The authorities are forgetting their role in the progress of the hospital. The temporary staff is in dire straits as the hospital glows. We even take the decomposing bodies found in the forest for post-mortem. The body, which was found trampled to death by an elephant the previous day, was about four days old, “said Robert.

The hospital still has a staffing pattern that is commensurate with the initial 54 beds. In May 2017, 100 more beds were allotted. But the employees were hired on a temporary basis. While those hired through PSC get risk allowance and other benefits, temporary employees do not even get paid. The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission had earlier intervened in the matter.

Attappadi Block Panchayat President Maruthi Murugan told Samayam Malayalam that he had gone to Thiruvananthapuram to meet Health Minister Veena George due to non-payment of salaries to temporary employees. But the minister immediately went to Kozhikode to study the NIPA virus problem. Therefore, the issue was reported to the Minister’s Office. Later he received `50 lakh from the Tribal Development Fund. Later, the Vice President and others went to Thiruvananthapuram to discuss the salary issue.

Maruthi Murugan said that the proposal to disband the Covid ward of the hospital has been complied with. But the Covid Center has been opened in Agali with eight people, including a doctor. At present, Kottathara Hospital employs 98 people on a temporary basis. The district medical officer said 84 of them were enough.
Covid ward was closed and surgery was resumed at the hospital. Pay-wards were also opened. The canteen is also active. Temporary employees will be paid using the proceeds from the payroll and canteen until government funding is available. The accountant has been instructed to do so. ”– Maruthi Murugan explained.

Mannarkkad MLA Adv. N. Shamsuddin Time plusTold. The incident happened about a month and a half ago. But the issue will be raised in the Assembly in the context of their non-receipt of salary. It has been decided to inform the ministers directly about the seriousness of the issue .”– Adv. N. Shamsuddin clarified.

The DMO sought a response on the issue of non-payment of salaries. Rita followed KP Time plus Was contacted by telephone. No response was available as it was busy as part of official work. The news will be updated as soon as it is received.