WorldAttacker who killed 5 journalists in the USA sentenced to life imprisonment

Attacker who killed 5 journalists in the USA sentenced to life imprisonment

Maryland‘of Annapolis in the city, 2018‘also Capital Gazette Ramos, who entered the building of the local media and caused the death of 5 people, was sentenced to life imprisonment in the court he was brought to.

It was shared that Ramos did not take the opportunity to speak at the court, where the verdict was held today, and only nodded his head.

He harbored hostility to the newspaper for reporting on him.

It has been noted that Jarrod Ramos became obsessed with the Capital Gazette, which wrote an article about pleading guilty in a harassment suit in 2011.

The defense of Ramos’ lawyer during the hearing that his client suffered from 3 separate mental disorders and that these health problems fed his obsession with the newspaper did not change the result.

On June 28, 2018, it was reported in the American media that 5 people died and many were injured in the armed attack against the employees at the Capital Gazette building operating in the city of Annapolis, one hour away from the US capital, Washington.

Authorities reported that they determined that the attacker, who deleted the fingerprints at the crime scene, was 38-year-old white American Jarrod Ramos, using facial recognition technique.

William Krampf, the chief of police who conducted the investigation, said it was recorded as one of the deadliest attacks on the media in US history.

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