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Atomic Bomb: Story of Two ‘Abduls’, Kalam Becomes President of India, Qadir to Pakistan’s ‘Jail’


  • Noted scientist Abdul Qadir Khan, father of Pakistan’s atomic bomb, has passed away
  • After being infected with Corona, this smuggler, who made the weapon of destruction of the world, could not get up
  • It was the result of Kadir Khan’s actions that the last years of his life were spent in ‘captivity’.

Islamabad / New Delhi
Noted scientist Abdul Qadir Khan, who is called the father of ‘Islamic atomic bomb’ of Pakistan, has passed away. After being infected with the corona virus, this nuclear smuggler, who made a weapon of destruction of the world, could not rise and eventually died in Islamabad. It was as a result of Qadir’s actions that the last 17 years of his life were spent in ‘captivity’ and he died begging for release. Abdul Qadir was compared to India’s ‘missile man’ President Abdul Kalam in Pakistan. Both the scientists armed two neighboring countries and arch-enemies with nuclear weapons, but their destiny was completely opposite to each other.

‘Chacha Kalam’, who equipped India with missiles like Agni and Prithvi and the unmatched power of atomic bombs, was made the President of the country. During his tenure, Kalam’s simplicity was exemplified throughout the world. Kalam proved to be the President of the people and gained popularity across the country. The whole of India cried on the death of Kalam. Perhaps it was Kalam’s popularity that Abdul Qadir Khan was jealous of him. In an interview to the BBC, the Pakistani scientist said that Kalam was an ‘ordinary scientist’. Qadir also alleged that the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee made Kalam the President to garner Muslim votes.
The father of Pakistani atomic bomb Abdul Qadir Khan passed away, Imran Khan did not even go to see
Pak army made Qadir Khan a scapegoat
While Kalam raised India’s prestige with missiles and atomic bombs, Abdul Qadir Khan brought Pakistan’s name to the ground in the eyes of the world by selling nuclear technology to Libya and North Korea. The then Pakistani army was also involved in this sin of Qadir Khan but he was made a scapegoat. According to Pakistani media, Abdul Qadir Khan was placed under house arrest since 2003 after nuclear smuggling was exposed. After this, Abdul Qadir Khan requested the Lahore High Court, Supreme Court for release several times but he did not get any hearing.

He was not even allowed to appear before the Supreme Court to present his point of view. There was a tight guard of ISI outside Qadir Khan’s house. He was not allowed to meet anyone except his family members. The President of India, Abdul Kalam, traveled to most parts of India, Europe and America, but Abdul Qadir Khan continued to rot in a ‘jail’ for life. Pakistan was afraid that if Abdul Qadir Khan was left open, then the terrorists would get nuclear technology in their hands. Not only this, there was also the danger of foreign intelligence agencies catching them.
navbharat timesTell India we have nuclear bombs… when there was a cry ‘Hero of Pakistan’ Abdul Qadir Khan
Imran Khan did not even go to see Abdul Qadir Khan
After the death of Abdul Qadir Khan, the Imran government may have buried him with state honors, but when he was battling for life and death, Imran Khan and none of his ministers went to see him. Abdul Qadir had said in his last interview to Dawn, ‘I am deeply saddened that neither Prime Minister Imran Khan nor his cabinet members took care of my health.’ AQ Khan, who is called the ‘protector of Pakistan’, said that the whole country was praying for his well being but no one from the government took care of him.

Qadir Khan, who was called the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program, was removed from the post after admitting to nuclear proliferation. Ever since Khan was removed from office, he lived in an isolated area in Islamabad under heavy security. However, the administration maintained that they were kept this way for security reasons. Pakistan’s humiliating defeat at the hands of India in the 1971 war and its split in two stoked the flames of their hatred so much that they spied and stole nuclear technology in the Netherlands.
navbharat timesAbdul Qadir Khan: The ‘Hero’ of Pakistan born in Bhopal who hated India and Hindus immensely
Abdul Qadir stole the technology of such a nuclear bomb
Abdul Qadir was associated with the top secret project of Dutch, British and German nuclear scientists in the Netherlands in 1972 as a translator. He went on to work for the Anglo-Dutch-German nuclear engineering consortium Urenco. His job was to translate technical documents from German to Dutch. Khan worked here till 1975 and it was here that he stole technical documents and nuclear technology, with the help of which he later made an atomic bomb for Pakistan. The same atomic bomb, thanks to which he blackmails the world today. Khan was also convicted of nuclear espionage by a Dutch court in 1983. In February 2004, he himself confessed to selling nuclear technology to Libya, Iran and North Korea.


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