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Asteroid Near Earth: Asteroid bigger than Eiffel Tower is coming closest to Earth, 100 years record will be broken

New York: An asteroid bigger than France’s Eiffel Tower is about to reach the closest to Earth this month. Scientists have told that the name of this asteroid is 1999 VF22-A (1999 VF22- a Asteroid). The US space agency NASA has classified it as a potentially hazardous space rock. This asteroid will reach closest to Earth on February 22. For the first time in the history of the last 100 years, this will happen when an asteroid will come so close to Earth. Despite this, there is no threat to Earth from the 1999 VF22 asteroid.

Will pass through a distance of 5366000 km from the earth
According to NASA, this asteroid will pass at a distance of 5366000 kilometers from Earth. After which it will be lost in the depths of space for the next 128 years. This asteroid will next come so close to Earth in 2150. Despite its large size, this asteroid was first discovered in November 1999. Since then, the eyes of scientists have remained on this celestial body. Due to its size and coming so close to Earth, it has been considered potentially dangerous.

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Its size is between 190 to 430 meters.
According to NASA’s Small-Body Database, the Absolute Magnitude for this asteroid has been measured to be 20.7. However, the size of this celestial body is not yet completely clear. The size of this asteroid is believed to be between 190 and 430 meters (623 to 1,410 ft). Whereas, in 2019, some astronomers had told the size of this asteroid to be 225 meters (738 feet).

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Discovered for the first time in 1999
Scientists have told that this asteroid cannot be seen from Earth with the naked eye. For this the help of large telescope will have to be taken. In November 1999, the Catalina Sky Survey discovered 1999 VF22 due to its close proximity to Earth. Potentially dangerous asteroids can approach Earth as they are called. If such an asteroid collides with the Earth, there can also be a huge devastation. It is believed that more than 2200 such objects exist in space.