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Assist King Pogba, Hat-trick hero Bruno! Manchester United demolished

He played 26 games in the last Premier League season with three goal assists and four assists in the first game this season! The French midfielder ‘s explosive form gave Manchester United a huge victory in the first game of the season. They defeated United by five goals to one. Portugal’s Bruno Fernandes scores a hat-trick. Two of these were assisted by Pogba. Bruno scored a hat trick in the 30th, 54th and 60th minutes. The other scorers were Greenwood (52) and Fred (68). Leeds’ consolation goal scored by Ailing. The hosts were one goal ahead in the first half. This is Manchester United’s third experience with one player taking a hat – trick and another three assists in a single game. The first was in 1997. Soulsjർr scored three goals as Cole scored a hat-trick against Bansley. That Soldier is United’s coach today. The second match was against Arsenal in 2011. Ashley Young shone with three assists as Wayne Rooney scored a hat-trick.

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Paul Pogba is the seventh player to assist on four goals in a Premier League match. Jaden Sancho, who came to United from Borussia Dortmund, came on in the second half. The crowded stadium gave Sancho a big welcome. Defender Rafael Varane’s arrival at Real Madrid from United Madrid has been a joy for Old Trafford on the first day of the season.


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