WorldAssad's opponents from southern Syria demand to provide "corridor" for evacuation

Assad’s opponents from southern Syria demand to provide “corridor” for evacuation

The ceasefire agreement reached on September 1 in the Deraa province in southern Syria with the mediation of Russia is not being implemented. Adnan Masalme, a representative of the Deraa Central Committee, told Anadolu agency about this.

Masalme noted that the agreement is not fulfilled by the supporters of Bashar al-Assad, who have put forward new demands on the former fighters of the moderate opposition, which forces the population to leave their homes to avoid bloodshed. At the moment, the Committee continues negotiations with the Damascus regime on the issue of ensuring a truce in the Deraa al-Balad quarter.

Masalme recalled that as part of the agreement, three military posts were to be established in the Deraa al-Balad quarter, but Assad’s supporters increased their number to 9.

According to him, residents of the Deraa al-Balad quarter reject Damascus’s demand for searches of homes and the surrender of small arms.

“The Deraa ceasefire agreement is at an impasse. The Assad regime and pro-Iranian mercenary groups violate agreements. We declared to Damascus and the representatives of Russia about our readiness to leave the south of Syria and demanded to provide a safe corridor in the direction of Turkey or Jordan, ”Masalme added.

Mass migration is the only way to save the people from this revenge, according to the people of Deraa.

The Assad regime and its supporters have been blockading the Dera’a al-Balad quarter for the past 2.5 months.

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