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Ashraf Ghani: The Afghan president who fled the country is now in Tajikistan

Own report: For a long time now, Afghanistan has been falling into the hands of the Taliban. Eventually the Taliban took over Afghanistan. The Afghan president also fled the country after the capture of Kabul.

When US troops withdrew from Afghanistan, the image of war-torn Afghanistan returned 20 years ago. The Taliban were occupying important provinces of Afghanistan one by one. Kabul was left. This time Taliban rule was established in Kabul as well. For now, the country will be run by forming an interim Taliban government, sources said.

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Meanwhile, it was reported that the President of Afghanistan (Ashraf Ghani) had fled the country. However, it was later revealed that he left for Tajikistan shortly after the Taliban entered Kabul and waited for the Afghan government to surrender.

Officials from the Afghan president’s office gave the news.

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