WorldAshraf Ghani says he will continue to defend Afghanistan

Ashraf Ghani says he will continue to defend Afghanistan

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said he would continue to defend his homeland.

In a video message to fellow citizens, the head of state said that the Afghan people “are resisting the imposed war” and they are aware of the situation in the regions.

The army, police and militia are working hard to defend the country, Ghani said, thanking the local self-defense squads and government forces for their dedication.

“As President of Afghanistan, I will continue to defend my homeland. Negotiations with international partners and political leaders continue, ”the president said.

Ghani said it is important that the Afghan security forces act in concert, which is primarily important for Kabul itself.

The head of state stressed that the authorities focused on preventing violence in the country and preventing a new wave of refugees.

Ghani stressed that he will not allow the war imposed on Afghanistan to kill a large number of Afghans and destroy the country’s achievements over the past 20 years. “Negotiations both inside and outside the countries continue. In the near future I will share their results with the people, ”the president added.

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