IndiaAshraf Ghani left Afghanistan with a helicopter full of money

Ashraf Ghani left Afghanistan with a helicopter full of money


  • Ashraf Ghani left the country after the siege of Kabul
  • He sought refuge in Oman
  • Tajikistan sought asylum but was not granted permission

Kabul: A former Afghan president has reportedly left the country with a helicopter full of money after Taliban militants surrounded Kabul. A spokesman for the Russian embassy said:

Russian embassy spokeswoman Nikita Aishenko said Ashraf Ghani arrived at the airport with four cars full of cash after losing control. Nikita said she tried to fill the helicopter with all the money but was unable to do so and had to leave the rest on the runway.

Ashraf Ghani fled to Oman after seeking asylum in Tajikistan but was denied permission. It is reported that he will be entering the United States soon.

Ashraf Ghani had made it clear on Facebook that he had left the country to avoid bloodshed. He had only two options. Either face the Taliban as they prepare to enter the palace. Or leave the country he has been defending for 20 years. Ashraf Ghani has said that the Taliban came to attack Kabul and that he was going to avoid bloodshed.


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