WorldAshraf Ghani: Fleeing with car-plane money, Russia's report claims explosives

Ashraf Ghani: Fleeing with car-plane money, Russia’s report claims explosives

Own report: Terrible situation in Afghanistan. The Taliban have taken over the country. In this climate, the Afghan president has virtually fled the country. The Russian embassy in Kabul said on Monday that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had fled the country in four vehicles and a helicopter loaded with cash.

It is learned that Ghani is currently in Oman. He said he left Afghanistan on Sunday because the Taliban had entered Kabul virtually unopposed. Because want to avoid bleeding. Ghani is angry that the High Council for National Reconciliation was set up to mediate the government’s peace talks with the Taliban.

He tweeted that the council and other leaders in parliament also wanted to work with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (Taliban group). He also said that it was almost certain that the way a group emerged would support him as well as that rule would be enforced in the country soon.

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Abdullah, chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, lamented that Ashraf Ghani must be held accountable to God for his actions. The whole nation will judge it It was only after this comment that Ghani’s post again increased the controversy.

Russia says it will maintain a diplomatic position in Kabul and hopes to build ties with the Taliban. However, they said they were in no hurry to recognize him as the ruler of the country and the decision would be taken only after observing the situation.

According to the RIA, Nikita Ishchenko, a spokeswoman for the Russian embassy in Kabul, said “the manner in which Ghani fled the country clearly signaled the departure of the Afghan government.” It was not possible to take it.

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