WorldArms trade ends in Taliban stronghold Kandahar

Arms trade ends in Taliban stronghold Kandahar

Talibanknown as the castle of Kandahar province, last arms dealers closing their shops.

Anadolu Agency team captured the once busiest arms market in the province, which has been under the control of the Taliban for a long time.

The gun market in Tulekan district of Penjvayi district, 75 kilometers from Kandahar city centre, can be reached by crossing the ruined bridges and crossing dusty roads with deep potholes.

After the Taliban took control, it was observed that most of the shops in the market were closed as it restricted the arms trade across the country.

While there were about 20 shops in the market before, only 5 gun shops are operating now.

Weapons and ammunition can be sold in the market without the need for any license or registration.

People’s demand for weapons and ammunition has decreased

Arms dealers in the market stated that security in the country has been ensured to a large extent and that people’s demand for weapons and ammunition has decreased.

The number of Soviet Union-era and US-made weapons and ammunition sold in stores has also drastically decreased.

Shop owners said that they were warned by the Taliban not to sell their weapons and ammunition and not to do this again.

Until recently, pistols, camouflage and ammunition were sold in the market.

Today, in the market where the number of products has decreased, various military accessories and Taliban flags are also offered for sale.

Gun shops are closing one by one

Due to the Taliban’s decision to restrict arms sales, arms dealers in the market are trying to sell their products as soon as possible. Some traders want to continue their activities by repairing weapons and ammunition.

Meanwhile, most arms dealers refrained from giving interviews and images.

Arms dealer Hüdayidad Mevlevi spoke to AA correspondent and stated that the security problem was largely resolved with the Taliban’s domination of the country, “Weapon sales decreased. With the arrival of the Taliban, people’s need for weapons decreased.” said.

Mevlevi stated that they once paid a high price for the weapons in their hands and said, “The value of weapons that were once sold for a very good price has decreased by half. What we bought for good money at that time is hurting us now.” used his statements.

Mevlevi stated that they are currently doing repairs rather than selling weapons, and said that they also repaired the weapons and ammunition of the Taliban forces.

Taliban does not want arms sales

Another arms dealer, who did not want to be named, said the Taliban may soon ban the activities of the remaining shops.

The arms dealer in question said that due to the conflicts in Afghanistan, people wanted to sell the weapons and ammunition they had bought before.

Pointing out that the Taliban imposed restrictions on the sale of unregistered weapons and the demand for weapons decreased, the arms dealer said, “For these reasons, we cannot find anyone to sell weapons to. We do not purchase new weapons anymore,” he said. said.

According to information received from arms dealers, weapons left over from the conflict in Afghanistan were sold on the black market here.

It was stated that the Taliban also procured weapons and ammunition from the market during this period.

The Taliban, which had fought for years with forces affiliated with the US and Afghan government, was one of the leading customers of the black market arms market in the country.

Recently, the collapse of the Afghan army and the withdrawal of NATO forces from the country provided the Taliban with a large arsenal.

The Taliban want the weapons in the country to be under their control.

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