WorldArmenia destroyed 54,300 hectares of forest in Azerbaijan

Armenia destroyed 54,300 hectares of forest in Azerbaijan

AA / Baku

“Armenia has destroyed 54,300 hectares of forest on previously occupied land,” Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Ceyhun Bayramov said on Friday.

In addition, Bayramov stressed that the main objective of the Azerbaijani state is to rebuild the lands liberated from Armenian occupation so that people who had to leave their homes can return to their homeland as soon as possible.

In addition, he indicated that the biggest problem on the liberated lands is the presence of mines laid by the Armenian forces during the occupation.

Bayramov also noted that 28 Azerbaijanis have lost their lives since the end of the war due to the remaining mines and more than 120 people have been injured.

“Armenia does not give us the mine maps for different reasons. On the initiative of international intermediaries, it gave us that of Agdam (Akna). According to the information that Armenia provided us, there is over 97,000 mines in Agdam alone, “he added.

The Azerbaijani minister claimed that significant ecological damage was caused by Armenia on the formerly occupied lands.

“Following research carried out with the participation of international experts, it was determined that 54,300 hectares of forest have been destroyed. This figure represents more than 20% of the forest areas in the region. We are witnessing an ecological disaster. . We ask that immediate measures be taken “, he assured.

* Translated from Turkish by Hilal Serefli Sari

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