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Are you disappointed not to be included in the World Cup squad? Sanju Samson responds for the first time !!

Sanju Samson, who is also a Malayalee, is a player inside and outside the Indian national team. Despite playing well in the IPL, Sanju has not been able to secure a place in the national team. After failing to seize the opportunity, Sanju was left out of the squad for the T20 World Cup. Now, Sanju is reacting for the first time about not getting a place in the World Cup squad.

All eyes are now on the IPL

Sanju said it was very disappointing not to be able to reach the World Cup squad. The team for the World Cup has been selected. Therefore, he can now devote all his attention and energy to the IPL. Playing the World Cup for India is the dream of every player. He hoped he could do the same. However, the selection is not in the hands of the player. Sanju also said that as a player with a mature mindset, all he has to do now is focus on the game.

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The Sri Lankan tour was a setback

Sanju, who captained the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL, caught the attention of cricket fans with his numerous innings. The inconsistency also led to criticism when it came to finding runs through excellent shots. The recently concluded tour of Sri Lanka was the gateway to the World Cup for Sanju. However, he scored only 34 runs in 3 games at an average of 11.33.

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The Royals will make gains this season

Sanju said that the Royals are dreaming of winning the title in the current season of the IPL. The Royals finished last season, ending in the UAE. No matter how far you can go from there, it will be evaluated as an achievement. The decision is to differentiate each match and formulate strategies and play accordingly. Sanju also promises to play the best game regardless of who the opponent is.

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Sanju aims for the title

By the end of the first quarter of the 2021 season, Sanju and his team are in fifth place. “The goal is not just to reach the top four, but to win the title,” he said. We have a youthful team. There are also games that have the potential to win the next seven games. The Royals captain promises to fight back if he wins or loses.

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