WorldArchaeologists discover 170-year-old mysterious wreckage of ship, still 'like new'

Archaeologists discover 170-year-old mysterious wreckage of ship, still ‘like new’

A team of archaeologists discovered and video recorded the wreckage of an ancient ship. A team of divers dived into the water seven times to find the wreckage. It is believed that this ship left Britain about 200 years ago and since then it has been lost in the darkness of oblivion. According to a report in the Mirror, Sir John Franklin led a British voyage that was exploring the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic.

At that time the crew was on board the two ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. But they got stuck in the ice near King William Island in what is now Canada’s Nanavut region. The ships were covered in ice for more than a year, and Franklin and 23 others were killed. Despite its discovery in 2016, the debris was not fully studied until two years ago. But a team of archaeologists from Parks Canada undertook a series of dives in August 2019 to study the wreckage.
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the ship is like new
Leading archaeologist Ryan Harris told National Geographic that the ship appeared to have “frozen over time”. He said that the marks we saw during the search were like the crew had recently abandoned their ship. It is amazing that the ship is still intact. He said that seeing this it is difficult to believe that it is the wreckage of a 170-year-old ship. It is very rare to see things like this.

Plates are kept in the shelves
Divers surveying the ancient wreck used remotely operated ROVs (small vehicles) to search inside the ship’s interior. Archaeologists could not believe seeing the rubble inside. We were able to locate 20 cabins and compartments by going from room to room, Harris said. Photographs of this discovery have been preserved for generations to come where dinner plates are still kept on shelves, beds, and desks.