IndiaAppointment of 307 NAJRs in medical colleges; Veena George urges PG...

Appointment of 307 NAJRs in medical colleges; Veena George urges PG doctors to withdraw from strike

Thiruvananthapuram: Health Minister Veena George has appointed 307 Non-Academic Residents (NAJRs) to ensure smooth functioning of government medical colleges.

Thiruvananthapuram 50, Alappuzha 61, Kozhikode 50, Kottayam 56, Thrissur 50, Kannur 33 and Ernakulam 7 have been appointed as NAJRs in medical colleges. The recruits immediately began to enter the job. Interviews at all medical colleges were crowded with junior doctors. Thiruvananthapuram 50, Alappuzha 61, Kozhikode 72, Kottayam 75, Thrissur 72, Kannur 36, Ernakulam 7 and 373 NAJRs were sanctioned to be appointed to the respective medical colleges with a salary of Rs 45,000. Steps have been taken to recruit the rest immediately.

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One of the main demands of the PG student body representatives in the December 7 discussion was to appoint NAJRs. The government immediately intervened and within two days issued an order on December 9 authorizing their appointment. The new people went on strike saying that the order was not clear and that they did not know who would be appointed. However, the application was called in such a short period of time and so many people were immediately appointed.

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PG admission has been delayed due to the Supreme Court considering petitions on the SEBC and EWS reservation provisions. The government can do nothing about it. That is why NAJRs are recruited till the first year PG admission takes place. The minister demanded that the people should withdraw from the agitation as the main demand raised by the protesters has been resolved.